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How Goodtimer works

What is Goodtimer?

Goodtimer is a simple and effective tool that encourages your children to earn "Good Time" by making good choices.  First, you define your "house rules".  Then, Goodtimer provides stimulating positive reinforcement and meaningful incentives, encouraging your children to continue to make good choices.

How do you play?

When your child makes good choices, they turn their Goodtimer on by turning it right side up.  The product begins to glow green, a positive sound plays, and the device begins tracking Good Time.  Goodtimer displays your child’s performance by illuminating twelve glowing segments one-by-one in a way similar to the hands of a clock.  As the child earns more Good Time, more of the device's segments are filled with green light demonstrating your child's performance in a way that's simple enough for a three-year-old to understand.

The Goodtimer Children's Book

Each Goodtimer includes a children’s book that tells Goodtimer's charming back story, explains how it works, and most importantly, that it wants to help your child succeed at making good choices.  The story describes Goodtimer’s playful personality and its desire to help your child learn and grow using positive reinforcement.

Goodtimer Tokens

When your child earns enough Good Time, Goodtimer dispenses tokens to further encourage good behavior. The tokens may be saved and exchanged for other incentives decided by your family.  Similar to an allowance for good behavior, Goodtimer tokens encourage your child to consistently adhere to your house rules and earn incentives that fit your family’s values.

Positive Discipline

Goodtimer is a positive discipline tool that incorporates expert recommended methods that are proven to improve child behavior.  For example: If your child gets upset and hits their sibling for taking one of their toys, you may instruct them to flip their Goodtimer upside down, deactivating Goodtime as a consequence for their behavior.  Goodtimer automatically recognizes that it has been deactivated and the lights and display turn off indicating your child is no longer earning Good Time.  This is an opportunity for you to use positive discipline to help your child learn new ways to behave when they are upset that don’t involve violence toward their siblings.  Once your child demonstrates improved behavior, they can reactivate their Goodtimer.

Effective and Fun

Through the use of dynamic positive feedback and meaningful incentives, Goodtimer helps your child grow and provides a rewarding experience for your entire family.  Furthermore, once Goodtimer is incorporated into your family routine, it will serve as a simple and effective tool to encourage desired behaviors, so that you no longer have to yell, punish and be the “bad guy.”


Positive Discipline with Goodtimer

Consider a situation where your child gets upset and hits their sibling… You may instruct them to flip their Goodtimer upside down, deactivating Good Time as a consequence for their behavior.

Now Goodtimer may be used as a positive discipline tool to learn alternative ways to behave (when they are upset) that don’t involve violence toward their siblings.  Then, once your child demonstrates improved behavior, they can reactivate their Goodtimer.

Goodtimer has been developed in partnership with parenting experts and each Goodtimer purchase includes support from our highly trained staff of parenting professionals on-call to ensure your family has a rewarding experience.


What are Goodtimer tokens for?

Kids LOVE to earn Goodtimer tokens and exchange them for the things they are really excited about. When you read the Goodtimer children’s book your family will decide what your children can exchange tokens for and how many tokens they’ll need to earn for each incentive.  Similar to an allowance, tokens must be earned for consistent behavior over time.  Since Goodtimer tokens are tangible, young children can easily understand how their behavior affects their performance. This tactile system of  tangible reinforcement has been proven to effectively improve behavior.  Here are some examples of what tokens can be exchanged for:


Our Story


By parents for parent

Goodtimer was created to help families like ours bring peace to their homes through positive parenting.  Decades of formal education, training and work experience brought us success in our careers, but when our children were born, we realized that being a parent comes with a whole new set of challenges we weren't prepared for.  Sound familiar? Our family is blessed with two amazing and often challenging boys, and like many families, we were challenged with behavior issues especially in the morning and during bedtime.

Time Outs didn't work

At first, when our kids misbehaved, we wanted to make sure there were "consequences"; after all, our parents grounded us when we misbehaved and we turned out okay...right?   After a LOT of trial and error, we were frustrated to learn yelling and putting our kids in timeout didn’t work and at the end of the day we hated feeling like the "bad guys".  Like many frustrated parents, we turned to the experts.  Through our research, we discovered Positive Parenting, which leading experts recognize as the most healthy and effective method to improve child behavior.  We started using positive parenting methods in our home, but we couldn’t find an approach that was easy to incorporate into our routine and one that our kids were excited about.

Early Concepts

Goodtimer came from the desire to motivate our kids to demonstrate good behavior by consistently making good choices.  We asked the question: "What if we created a game for the whole family where our kids could earn points for good behavior?"  Another way we thought about it was, "what if there was an effective solution that would motivate good behavior in a way that is opposite to a "timeout" punishing unwanted behavior?"  We developed a concept for a game that encouraged and measured “Good Time” and was engaging for young kids; lighting up and making positive sounds when they demonstrated desired behaviors and dispensing physical tokens they could exchange for the things they really wanted.

Testing with Families

We built the first Goodtimer prototypes and our boys were the first "Guinea pigs" for our little experiment.  We learned a lot from the initial prototypes.  We kept what worked, changed what didn't, building new prototypes and adding new features with each iteration.  Then, we began testing Goodtimer prototypes with other families that were also struggling with behavior.  For more than a year, we have invited numerous families like ours to participate in a four-week trial using Goodtimer prototypes and the response has been incredible!  Not only does Goodtimer work at improving behavior, kids love it because it provides a foundation for them to succeed and parents love it because they don't have to be the bad guys.

Coming Soon

Our product development team is working hard with our manufacturing partners to bring Goodtimer to market soon.  We plan to ship the first Goodtimer production units in the fall of 2019.  To receive updates on our progress, please subscribe below.

Meet the Goodtimer Family

Goodtimer was founded to help families like ours unlock the power of positive reinforcement and achieve happier and more connected homes.  Our team is working hard to provide simple and effective solutions to open-minded families who strive for real connection.


Adam Ashley

Founder and CEO

Husband of an amazing wife and dad of two incredible boys, Adam is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record for launching consumer product companies. After co-founding his last consumer products business in 2007, he directed the product development team in a wide variety of consumer electronics projects bringing hundreds of innovative products to market.  Adam founded Plus Up in 2017 with the mission of helping families like his, bring home peace through the principles of positive reinforcement.

Jackie Insinger

Family Dynamics Coach

Jackie Insinger is a Motivation and Communication Expert and a nationally acclaimed Family Dynamics Coach. Jackie’s life’s work is dedicated to teaching people how to honor each other’s differences and leverage each other’s strengths to connect in more meaningful and effective ways. With a Psychology degree from Duke University and a Masters from Harvard, Jackie has built an incredibly successful family consulting business that has positively changed thousands of lives around the globe.  Learn more about Jackie and Positive Parenting by visiting her website.

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